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The University of York Investment and Finance Society (IFS) is the leading careers society in York, with one of the largest membership bases in the North of England. We represent the finance community at the University of York and aim to provide financial education and hands-on experience to our members.

Our key focus is to create a friendly and inclusive community of bright and ambitious students looking to break into the world of finance. The IFS aims to educate our members of the various opportunities available in the financial industry and provide active support through the process.

With active support from the most reputable financial institutions, we have progressed immeasurably in recent years. This has resulted in an increasing number of students gaining spring weeks, summer internships and graduate roles in companies such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Barclays, Citi, Rothschild, Willis Towers Watson, and more.


Year Established


Members (2024)


Internship/ graduate positions secured 2022/2023

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At IFS, we strive to provide our members with the best preparation for a successful career start in financial services, regardless of their background. From our speaker series and CV clinics to alumni networking events, we do everything in our power to prepare our members to excel in the application process and succeed in this competitive industry.

Ilija Steinmann, President



IFS frequently hold guest speaker events and panel sessions with speakers currently working in the financial field.


The aim of the Speaker Series is to give our members a real insight into a variety of sectors in the financial sector, allowing them to explore and learn about the various areas available to them, as well as appreciate how alumni in past students that were once in the same position managed to achieve success in their careers.

One of our flagship initiatives, created as a response to the increasing need for early career support. Within, IFS delivers fundamental finance skills to students beginning their careers.


Resources include: weekly lectures on the application process, areas of finance, key terminology, skills workshops, mentoring scheme, CV clinics, and more.


Alongside this, IFS has created a range of resource packs and information guides with all students part of a growing and active community at the university.


IFS has been expanded their diversity initiatives in recent years and have now been able to build a platform that encourages students from various backgrounds to consider financial services, promoting opportunities, providing advice, hosting events, and building a network.​


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